Gurdwara Sahib Ji JANAM ASTHAN

Nankana Sahib, Punjab

Birthplace of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Nankana Sahib is a holy place where the founder of Sikh religion, the dispeller of darkness, the most enlightened global Guru, Guru Nanak Dev ji was born early in the morning to Mata Tripta Ji and Mehta Kalu Ji on 15th April, 1469 (Baisakh sudi 3, Samwat 1526). Bhai Gurdas in his Var (Var 1/27) has equated this event with the sun that lights up the earth after a dark night :

Jeeu Kar suraj nikaleya, taare chhipe andher paloa. (Var 1/27)      Read more ...

Gurdwara Sahib Ji BAL LILA

Nankana Sahib, Punjab

Field where Guru Nanak Dev Ji used to play in the company of other children

Gurdwara Bal Lilah is situated 400 yards away from the holy shrine of Janam Asthan. The holy pond Nanaksar with this Gurdwara was got built by Rai Bular, the ruler of Talwandi. As is apparent from the name, this site is related with the wonderful adventure of the early childhood of the Guru. The Guru in his infancy, used to transport the enlightment of the Nama in the minds of his mates, while playing with them. The Gurdwara had formerly 120 acres of land and a little cash endowment also. Before the Saka of 1921, the arrangement of this Gurdwara was in the hands of the Nirmala Singhs. Besides Tirath Singh,      Read more ...

Gurdwara Sahib Ji KIARA SAHIB

Nankana Sahib, Punjab

Field where Guru Nanak Dev Ji graze cattles

This Gurdwara is situated at a distance of one and a half kilometres from Gurdwara Janam Asthan. According to Janam Sakhi, when Guru Nanak was yet a young man, he was to graze cattle. While resting underneath a shady tree, Guru was immersed in thoughts and the cattle went astray in the feilds of a farmer. On having seen this, the peasant got red with rage. The clamouring made by the peasent disturbed the Guru from his trnace. On beholding the Guru, he got embarrassed and made a complaint to Rai Bular. The Guru drove the cattle towards his house. On his return, the Guru just had a kind look at the fields which turned green. By watching this miracle, the Hindus and the Muslims revered the Guru.      Read more ...

Gurdwara Sahib Ji PATTI SAHIB

Nankana Sahib, Punjab

Guru Nanak Dev Ji's school

This Gurdwara is close to the gurdwara Bal Lilah. At this site, Guru Nanak Dev Ji used to learn Devnagri. Later on, he was sent to Pandit Brij Lal for learning Sanskrit. At the age of 13, the Guru was sent to Maulvi Kutab-Ud-Din of Talwandi to learn Persian. But the wisdom and the spiritual enlightment of the Guru Nanak Dev urged all three of them to make obeiance before the Guru's clear expressions of truth and wisdom. Guru Nanak while criticising the prevalent education system, enlightened them with the actual pupose of learning. He gave new meaning to each and every word. The Maulvis and the Pandits were quite ignorent about the mode of education. Guru Nanak was endowded with the wisdom from the very childhood. His composition in Sri Guru Granth Sahib known as Patti was written especially to remove the suspicious and doubts in the minds of the Pandits. The very first stanza of Patti hymn says: He who created all existence is the sole lord of all. Those who serve Him are his devotees; Fruitful is their coming into the world:

Sasei soi srisht jin saaji Sabhana sahib ek bhaeya ...
Sevat rahe chit jin ka laagaa, Aaaya tin ka safal bhaeya. (p. 432)      Read more ...

Gurdwara Sahib Ji MALL JI SAHIB

Nankana Sahib, Punjab

Cobra seen spreading its hood over Guru Nanak Dev Ji's face protecting it from the sun

This holy place is associated with the childhood activities of Guru Nanak Dev ji. One day while grazing the cattle, the Guru was taking rest under a shady tree. He went into trance. When the shadows were falling down, his divinely face happened to be covered with the sunshine. A big cobra spread its hood on the very face of the Guru for relieving him from the scorching heat. Rai Bular, the hakam of Talwandi saw this from a far off place. He got the impression that the child Guru Nanak was bitten by the snake. On approaching the the place, where the Guru Nanak was lying, the snake snailed to its pit.      Read more ...

Gurdwara Sahib Ji TAMBU SAHIB

Nankana Sahib, Punjab

Guru Nanak Dev Ji first returned here after Sacha Sauda

A wild tree stands at this place. It is so old that its long branches touch the ground. It is a bit high at the centre. According to a Sikh legend, Guru Nanak rested for a while at this place, after returning from Chuharakana, performing the true business. The Guru had fed the hungry Sadhus with a sum of Rs. 20 /- obtained from his father. On knowing this, Mehta kalu first felt annoyed with his son and afterwards brought him home. On admonishing the son, the father recieved a reply that he had spent his money in the true business. On hearing of this incident, Rai Bular pleaded before Mehta Kalu by saying "Patwari Ji ! lest you chide the boy, let me make it clear to you that the whole city is blessed by his grace and presence". This Shrine is situated at a distance of one kilometre from Gurdwara Janam Asthan. Pilgrims feel it their proud privilege to pay their homage.


Nankana Sahib, Punjab

Both Guru Arjun Dev Ji and Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji visited Nankana Sahib Ji

Both of these historical shrines are situated near Tambo Sahib on the road leading towards Janamasthan Nankana Sahib. The shrine of Sat Gur Arjun Dev Ji is without a dome whereas the sacred shrine of the Patshah of meeri peeri Guru Hargobind has been built with dome and both the shrines have a common boundary wall. The sixth Patshah came to visit Nankana Sahib in the month of Har Samvat 1670 (1613 AD) while returning from Kashmir. The Guru's disciples established this Gur Mela at the site where he had stayed, 13 ghumaon of land is said to be endowed to the Gurdham.

The tree under which Guru Dev Ji stayed, has withered away. A piece of that tree has been preserved in a glass case and placed inside the dome of the shrine of the 6th Guru so that the visiting Sangats may see it. Here too Prakash does not take place, only the buildings stand which the yatrees visit and get solace.